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him in the slop. He kept on a-sloshen round in the slop, but
he could'n swim none to speak of, and I thowed him to them
shoats. Hit wuz that big ole red shoat got him, I seen him
when she done hit. She done taken him-----"

The negro man hesitated, looking at Mr. Munn's face.
Mr. Munn was nodding slightly at Burke.

" Tore God," the negro declared, his voice rising now, " 'fore
God, I done found hit lak I say, Ast my wife thar," and he
pointed toward the bed.

" Lak he say," the woman said, nodding. " He come to the
house, and he say, look, a great-big ole bullfrog-----"

" Yassuh," the man broke in, " that big ole bullfrog. Shore,
boss, I never knowed that knife wuz yore'n. Ifn I knowed
that knife wuz yore'n, I"—Burke laid his hand on the man's
arm, but the man did not seem to notice—" shore would a-
brung hit back. I'd a-found whar yore place wuz, and brung
hit back and give hit to you. I never wants nuthen not
rightful and truly mine in God's sight, and I'd a-brung hit
back. If n I knowed-----"

"For God's sake!" Mr. Munn interrupted petulantly and

It was almost dawn when they got outside. A cold pallor
was on the sky in the east over the far woods. They made
the negro man, handcuffed, ride behind Burke. The men
rode without talking, their faces now slack and heavy with
sleep. The negro ceased his protestations and did not speak
to them again after they put him on the horse, but sometimes
he seemed to be mumbling to himself.

The case against Bunk Trevelyan was dismissed at noon
the next day. The knife found in the cabin of the negro was
identified by Mr. Little as one of the order from which
Trevelyan had made his purchase. It was further established
that the type of knife in question had been sold only by
A. C. Little Hardware Company; and a telegram from the
jobbers in Nashville established the fact that the type had
only been manufactured since early summer. By elev«a-